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Unlock insights in your data

Harness information from your data and turn them into actionable insights
Who are we
Our Story

Since 1992, Integral Solutions has helped businesses across industries enable their data-driven capabilities to meet the increasing demands of the future.


We have deep expertise in sectors from government to retail to manufacturing to banking.

Our Vision

Apply data analytics, data science & data strategies to uncover key business insights. 

Empower our customers to leverage analytics to enhance your business decisions & strategies with our AIM AI Prescriptive Solutions.


With over 30 years' experience in design, development, and implementation of Artificial Intelligence Solutions, we have the capability to infuse AI discovery insights into a complete integrated data strategies.


Employ intelligent data hubs, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence platforms to enable end users to enjoy the benefits of our prescriptive solution with a single click of a button.

How it works

How it works

Data Strategy

Data strategy is a highly dynamic process employed to support the acquisition, organization, analysis, and delivery of data in support of business objectives. 


Our Deep Dive Data Strategy Consultancy Service includes identifying and prioritising your data models to achieve your business objectives, investigating the availability of data sources and data collection processes. 

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Our intelligent data hub has the capability to merge multiple sources of your data points to provide you with new business opportunities and revenue streams by making sense of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, which were stored in a number of places and various formats.  

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Intelligent Data Hub
Artificial Intelligence

A modern approach focuses more on machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic programming, multiagent systems, video analytics, voice recognition, natural language processing, intelligent chatbot, robotics process automation and includes sections where the AI's utility function is uncertain, rather than certain. 

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Business Intelligence software and systems provide options suited to specific business needs. They include comprehensive platforms, data visualization, embedded software applications, location intelligence software and self-service software built for non-tech users. 

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Business Intelligence
Tracy Wilson, CRM Manager
Pacific Retail Limited (PRL)
Pacific Retail Limited

"Demonstrated unparalleled analytic capabilities"

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