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AIM@AI-Analytics-Retain Customers

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AIM@AI-Analytics-Retain Customers is a powerful application with multiple modules to help businesses identify and retain profitable customers. By analysing customer behaviour and interactions, businesses can better understand what drives customer loyalty and identify areas for improvement.

Identifying Profitable Customers: The first module is Customer LTV Predictive Analytics. This module will automate the customer annualise lifetime value to identify different customer lifetime value segment and who these customers are. Businesses can use a variety of metrics to determine profitability, including customer annualised lifetime value (CLV) and their purchase behaviour. Once profitable customers have been identified, businesses can focus their efforts on retaining them.

Understanding Customer Behaviour: The next module is Value Segment Contribution Analytics. This module will identify various customer value segments and the purchase behaviour segments like how many purchases this segment of customers bought. By analysing customer interactions and transactions, businesses can identify patterns and trends that can help them better understand what drives customer loyalty.

The third module is Value Segment Product Analytics. Businesses can use this module to identify which products or services are most popular among their most profitable customers.

Predicting Customer Churn:
One of the most important ways that businesses can use our Customise AI Analytics to predict who likely to churn so that businesses can execute strategy to retain profitable customers is by predicting customer churn. By analyzing customer behaviour and interactions, businesses can identify signs that a customer is likely to leave and take proactive steps to retain them.

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ISL brings more than 30 years of deep data mining experience to various market segments from Retail, F&B, Wholesales, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Manufacturing, Government and etc.


Artificial Intelligence Analytics is important to Every Industry as it allows you to Stand Out from competition, UNDERSTAND customers’ needs better, improve your service and TARGET customers with the right services or services at the right time.

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