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The system uses Deep Neural Network Face Recognition Technology to identify individual identity for attendance taking & time sheet generation. We also provide integration to your payroll software to calculate payroll. With this mobile app, you do not need to invest and maintain the hardware. All you need is either ask your employee to use their mobile phone to take attendance or mount a tablet in your office to take attendance.

The mobile app can be easily tailored to work in your organization. The primary time-attendance features are as follows:

  • Time Attendance taking by face recognition using a mobile phone camera to take a picture. The artificial intelligence software on the cloud will automatically recognize the staff, its staff id, name, time in or time out, and location taking the attendance.

  • No longer queue at gate entrance or gate exit.

  • No hardware installation. Just install the app on your mobile phone. No hardware maintenance is needed.

  • Real-time attendance tracking

  • On-site work tracking. Company can track employee attendance when they carry out on-site job

  • The mobile app can identify where an employee is.

  • No more queue in front of time clock or fingerprint attendance machine

  • Simple registration

  • Optional Job Management - Employee jobs can be assigned over the cloud. Employees receive jobs and update job status through Mobile App. Customer signatures, ratings, and comments are captured through mobile.

  • On-line general attendance reports and statistical reports for HR to generate time sheet and payroll

  • Individual attendance reports accessible by the HR and Direct Manager can be accessed anywhere through world-wide-web in a secured mode;

  • Optional job scheduling, job complete email is sent to customer automatically.

  • Optional integration to your payroll software

  • Optional feature to allow employee to upload document for company approval or record.

  • Optional Comprehensive reports can be customized to the needs of organisation. It includes absentee report, abnormal absentee trends.

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