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Data is everywhere; every business, government agency, and non-government organization collects a wealth of data from multiple facets of its operations, from sales to marketing to finance to supply chain. But what do you do with the vast amounts of information? How can you organize and present the data meaningfully? How do you use that data to improve your deliverables?

That’s where we come in. We specialize in making data meaningful and useful. We “mine” data using automated statistical analysis to discover new trends and patterns of behavior that will otherwise go unnoticed. With over 20 years of data mining experience, we have the expertise to produce customized solutions for any data analysis needs.


On 30th September 1992, several forward-thinking entrepreneurs in data mining applications and experts in artificial intelligence converged to form a new data mining company – Integral Solutions Ltd. (ISL) in UK.

The company soon attracted other professionals in all key strategic and operational areas. Together, they created Integral Solutions (Asia) Pte. Ltd., and a revolutionary data mining company with businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia was born.

Integral Solutions Asia is one of the most successful data mining companies in Asia, and is changing the way other companies access data mining with its extensive data-mining services, turnkey solutions and enhanced customer support which includes training and a comprehensive after sales service.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of data mining disciplines have seen us providing strategic service and representation on complex data gathering and mining issues for clients of all sizes and all industries, from entrepreneurial small medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational conglomerates and government agencies. They include some of the most influential companies around Asia such as Singapore Press Holding, Maybank, Lintec, Indosat, Singapore Airlines, Citibank, PSA Corporation, Ministry of Defence, Inland Revenue, Chunghwa Telecom, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Seagate and Hewlett Packard Manufacturing.


To use our unparalleled data mining and artificial intelligence expertise to create superior, effective and meaningful data analytics solutions for our clients towards the betterment of their operations and organisations.

Integral to the success of our company is the commitment to uphold the values that the company was founded on:

  • To maintain a competitive edge with integrity and responsibility

  • To provide advanced analytical solutions to enrich the objectives of our clients

  • To ensure that Integral Solutions Asia is a trusted and respected brand


Commitment to Education

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

We are committed to make education more effective. Using our expertise in data mining and artificial intelligence, we have created an intelligent collaborative learning solution (AIM@iCS) and a learning analytics solution (AIM@iSTAR) which can vastly improve the teaching capabilities of today’s schools.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Currently in its 4th year, our team runs Nurture @ Ang Mo Kio, a 40-week English and Math learning programme with the support of the Central Singapore Community Development Council. This program has benefited more than 100 students. The programme provides children with opportunities for character and personal development, provides a positive learning environment, and exposes them to different aspects of learning.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: +65 6744 7876 / +65 8188 8036

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