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Acquire, Grow and Retain Customers


Understanding customers have always been a tedious but important task for F&B companies. Knowing what to offer, to whom, at what time, and at which branch are essential information to addressing your customers' needs. Fortunately, data analytics can help in answering these questions.

Data analytics through Artificial Intelligence. AIM@F&B helps companies discover insight into consumer’s preference, purchase behavior, customer profiles, customer segmentation, and customer loyalty automatically. This reduces 70% of dependency on manpower and biasness.

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F&B companies are often faced with the challenge of brand recognition and leaving an impression on current and potential customers. Although this is important, a further question should be asked: Are these impressions positive or negative?


Understanding what your customers think about your company will allow you to identify unique points that puts you ahead of the competition and areas where you fall short that are required to be addressed. Customers may vocalise their opinions on the spot, but they are more likely to do so on social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, we have developed a Social Listening feature in AIM@F&B® that can immediately inform businesses on customer sentiments and effectively address these issues. 

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