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Optimum Pricing Simulation

AI Optimum Pricing Simulation

Our AI algorithm discovers the relationship between two or more variables. In the context of pricing optimization, it models the relationship between price and sales volume. With the target market, competition, and historical sales data. Our intelligent datahub shall transforming your data to meet the assumptions and splitting it into training and testing sets.

Overall, it is a powerful tool for pricing optimization that can help you make data-driven decisions about your pricing strategy.

Customer Profiling

AI Customer Profiling

AI customer profiling is the process of using machine learning algorithms and data analytics to analyse customer data and identify patterns and trends. It involves collecting and analysing data on customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics to create a comprehensive profile of each customer.

With this model, you can personalize your marketing campaigns to achieve higher hit rate of your campaigns.

Customer Segmentation

AI Customer Segmentation

AI customer segmentation is the process of dividing a customer base into groups or segments based on similarities in behaviour, preferences, and demographics. This process is performed using machine learning algorithms and data analytics, and it helps businesses create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement.

This model can identify type of high-value customers for you to execute your campaigns to attract better customers

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ISL brings more than 30 years of deep data mining experience to various market segments from Retail, F&B, Wholesales, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Manufacturing, Government and etc.


Artificial Intelligence Analytics is important to Every Industry as it allows you to Stand Out from competition, UNDERSTAND customers’ needs better, improve your service and TARGET customers with the right services or services at the right time.

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CRM Cycle

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