Accelerating Digital Transformation among Singapore SMEs

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As we adapt to the new normal post COVID-19, digital technology adoption has become more crucial than ever for small to medium enterprises as they navigate through this global crisis.

Join us at Accelerating Digital Transformation among Singapore SMEs, an insightful event held in collaboration by Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Microsoft Singapore on-demand as we share on the findings from the SME Digital Transformation Study and our joint responsibility in helping Singapore SMEs with their digital transformation strategies.

This event feature the first ever showcase of Microsoft #ExperienceCenterAsia Virtual Tour where we present to you showcases spanning across industries such as financial services, retail, and manufacturing that exemplifies the very best of partner and customer co-innovations leveraging Microsoft’s technologies. Learn more from these innovations that are very relevant and will help SMEs in Singapore visualize and envision their Digital Transformation journey.


Welcome Address

By Vivek Chatrath, Sales Director - Small, Medium & Corporate Segment, Microsoft Singapore

Current State of Digital Transformation

By Karine Lim, Customer Program Manager SMB, Microsoft Singapore

Accelerating Analytics to Navigate COVID-19 and the Next Normal

By Irene Boey, Vice President, Membership & Training, Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)

Microsoft #ExperienceCenterAsia Virtual Tour

By Rebecca Hick, Director, Microsoft #ExperienceCenterAsia

Schitij Kulshrestha, Envisioning Specialist, Microsoft #ExperienceCenterAsia

Jerene Wong, Envisioning Specialist, Microsoft #ExperienceCenterAsia

Closing and Q&A

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Do you run a school or academy? What would you do if your institution had to increase its sales and productivity desperately? 

For Singapore based At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, they made the right move and ended up increasing their productivity by 28%!

So what did they do right?

You see, At-Sunrice is not just another culinary academy. As the reigning Food and Beverage academy for a decade now, it is one of the first culinary academies to be awarded the National CET Institute (NCI) accreditation in Singapore. It has an aligned study-apprenticeship arrangement that enables the students to extend their arenas beyond the classrooms, maximizing their employability and preparation for careers as global chefs and F&B professionals upon graduation. In 2011, At-Sunrice opened a new WSQ integrated F&B Academy located at 28 Tai Seng Street. To increase productivity at its current ground, the academy utilizes leading-edge technologies.

To facilitate an efficient business strategy, At-Sunrice needed to reconsider its Learning Management, Campaign Management and Human Resource Management systems.

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy enables students to explore their careers as global chefs and turns them into chiseled F&B professionals post graduation. However, the lack of a Learning Management system affected the performance of the academy. The management at At-Sunrice started evaluating tools that could help them in automating day-to-day business processes and this is when Deskera came on-board.

The Deskera team observed that due to the absence of a Campaign Management system, At-Sunrice was not able to run and manage academy campaigns, define student leads and track recent account activities. There was inadequate transparency in the marketing team and opportunities were not tracked accurately. They didn’t have an efficient user tracking mechanism for their email campaign and they could only get updates for the users who registered after opening the email. Also, KPIs for measuring campaign progress was not available.

In the absence of a software that could track campaign activities, their marketing team faced hardships in targeting the correct student crowd and in generating leads from email campaigns. Also, the use of different databases for generating different academy forms led to integration issues. Many of At-Sunrice’s HR processes, including performance appraisals were being managed manually. Employee goals and performance indicators were difficult to map and record which often led to employee concerns. Overall, the At-Sunrice management was not able to get a comprehensive overview of their sales, marketing and HR processes.

Following detailed and extensive study, Deskera experts came up with a comprehensive and turnkey solution to resolve all the challenges faced by At-Sunrice. Deskera experts proposed Deskera CRM, HRMS and LMS to address the challenges of campaign, performance and learning management. Deskera CRM was brought on-board to maintain a central repository for all academy lead, prospect and contact related information. It helped to implement CRM strategies at the academy. The management of At-Sunrice could now evaluate enrollment of the students and analyze which campaign was attracting maximum students. Deskera CRM Opportunity Management facilitated the monitoring of the movement of opportunities and easily identify stalled and neglected opportunities.

Deskera CRM Campaign Management module facilitated email click tracking. Deskera CRM allowed adding an RSVP entry to an Email Campaign and capturing leads from the campaign. Also, maintaining and arranging documents in the centralized repository as per size, date, type and more, was now possible. At-Sunrice officials could define permission based access for the security of specific documents. Deskera HRMS was found to be the perfect fit to automate At-Sunrice’s performance appraisal processes. It enabled configuration of convenient appraisal cycles by defining components like competencies, goals, weightage and more. Simultaneously, they were able to track task status and progress. Deskera LMS was implemented as a detailed end-to-end university management system that assisted the academy management to manage their learning activities and student billing better.

It helped to organize and plan the delivery of learning courses in a systematic manner. Deskera’s business intelligence tool provided the management the ease of viewing and generating financial reports whenever required. 

Source: Deskera

At-Sunrice deemed Deskera as a perfect solution for their requirements. There was noticeable progress in At-Sunrice’s management processes after the successful implementation of Deskera products. Efficient internal communication and establishment of a clear approval hierarchy for different work processes was achieved. A single integrated source of data eliminated the risk of data redundancy and unformatted data. Customizable and flexible marketing methods were adopted which added value to their business. After Deskera implementation, an overall increase of 28% in productivity was attained by At-Sunrice.

Note: ISL is a Platinum partner of Deskera. Do contact us for a more in-depth discussion on how we can help you achieve your goals.



The Future of Collaborative Learning

AIM@iCS (Intelligent Collaborative Solution) is a web based platform with structured collaborative learning lesson templates that leverages on a semantic analysis engine to understand and assess in real time students' mastery of subject concepts and to assess students’ contribution level and group learning process which allows teachers to review student’s social learning capabilities and intervene when necessary.

What makes our system truly unique is its ability to aid teachers in the assessment of Open Ended Questions (OEQ). AIM@iCS provides schools with an online assessment platform where teachers are able to upload their lesson plans by making use of many preloaded tools in the system. For tasks/assessments that only accept a few identified answers, such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), AIM@iCS is able to automatically mark students’ answers. However, what makes our system truly unique is its ability to aid teachers in the assessment of Open Ended Questions (OEQ). Our semantic engine is able to automatically discover common words and phrases that are used by students. The assessor is then able to classify them as either a key concept or a misconception. This not only helps in speeding up the assessment process, but also enables teachers to immediately identify students who have misunderstood a key concept, which often happens among less talkative students.

AIM@iCS showcased at Bett Asia - EdTech Excellence Awards 2015

Collaboration among students is coveted by education sectors around the world as its benfits are truly remarkable. Collaboration stimulates critical thinking and helps students clarify ideas through discussion and debate. It also helps students build their confidence in voicing out opinions as it is done through a screen.

Our collaborative solution enables students to communicate via a chat room, and analysis can be done to help teachers identify strong and positive collaboration relationship between classmates. Students are also able to comment on their classmates' work and to offer their opinions, which can prove to be an effective solution as students often understand one another better. Reports can also be automatically generated to reflect a student's communication style, such as inquisitive or assertive etc.

“I find that the AIM@iCS system is something very innovative and appealing where I am able to plan my lesson using the tools available. For the collaborative learning (CoL), it allows me to improve my students’ understanding and assessment of group processes when students participate in CoL when I assign group work to them. It is a dynamic process where I am not able to move around in groups physically to see how they talk and collaborate but with the system, I am able to see how they talk and collaborate in their groups.” - Ms Fio Ang, teacher of Innova Primary on AIM@iCS

*For more testimonials and achievements on AIM@iCS, please view "Other Images" located on the right panel.

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